Help Us Keep the Dream Alive!

There are many different ways for you to GIVE to the Carousel with the continued effort to KEEP OUR DREAM ALIVE of providing a fun, safe and affordable place for our local community.


From joining our herd of volunteers to making a donation today, Salem's Riverfront Carousel continues to be the jewel of the Willamette Valley due to the generosity of our volunteers and donors.

Board of Directors

Cassandra Ferder



Sue Thompson

Vice Chair

Lois Cole


Maggie Sather



Cathy Daniels

Naomi Dwyer

Darr Goss

Don Herman

Tom Rohlfing

Ozzie Rose

Achieving our annual successes and future aspirations takes a unique kind of combined strength, pride and generosity.


We literally can’t do it without you!


We ask for your generous financial contribution again this year.


Consider a gift directly towards the Carousel’s Endowment Fund, Events, Programs, Horse Restoration or simply continue your faithful support toward the necessary daily management of our facility.


Together we’ll keep the magic going for generations to come!


For this year, we have a short wish list of items to help keep our Carousel and facilities running smoothly.

1. Oven for the party room.

2. 6 new 54" round tables for the party room

3. New cleaning cart

4. Stanchions

5. New power washer

6. Battery operated leaf blower